Hunting game in Bohemia directly from Altenrhein


KH Lesy means Kutná Hora forests

forest & game

We love nature, we respect traditions, we hunt in order to preserve.

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Featured Game

Roe dear

Wild boar



Means of Transportation

Aprox. 1km from the hunting estate there is a grass air field Zbraslavice (CZ), where smaller propeller planes can fly to. The duration of such a flight is 1 hour 15 minutes with the wind and 1 hour 45 minutes against the wind from Hohenems (A). Jet planes can take off from Altenrhein (CH) and land aprox. 40km away at a regional airport of Pardubice (CZ).

Airfield Zbraslavice

1 km away from the estate

Airport Pardubice

40 km away from the estate

Terminal 3 Prague

Václav Havel Airport Prague

Why Us W Our Estate

English and German.

We not only respect Czech and German hunting customs, but follow the traditions in both languages and in English.

Full of adventure.

Our estate offers an on site safari style grass airfield and an adventurous hunting cabin with no electricity or Wi-Fi.

Absolute comfort.

A four star hunter's hotel accommodation only 5km away from the estate, traditional ciderhouse pub within the estate.

All handeled in FL.

Estate's main office can be found in Schaan (FL) and flights take place from Hohenems (A) and from Altenrhein (CH).

Game Charters

Cessna Caravan

Up to 9 passangers - Rifles, Ammo, Game

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Citation Mustang

Up to 4 passangers - Rifles, Ammo

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King Air

Up to 8 passangers - Rifles, Ammo, Game

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